Why The Institute

The story of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been highlighted by occurrences of genocides, massive looting of the country’s natural resources, dictatorship, systemic rape and wars of aggression.

In spite of Congo’s tragic history, the people have been resilient and Congo’s youth are determined to bring about lasting change in the face of the enormous challenges of the country.

A Call for Action

Congolese youth inside and outside of the country are ready to play their rightful role in the development of the Congo in particular and Africa in general. Due to Congo’s strategic location in the heart of the African continent, Congolese youth have a special responsibility to organize in a way that takes this continental responsibility into consideration. The recent intensified scramble for Africa’s wealth coupled with the aggressive push of neoliberal policies have left the continent exposed to the ravages of vicious system that has had the most devastating impact on the Congo who has experienced the deadliest conflict in the world since World War Two with over six million people dead since 1996.

The sporadic response from the Congolese Diaspora to the fraudulent 2011 elections in the DRC exposed the lack of organizational capacity. In spite of the will of the Congolese people inside and outside of the DRC to bring about genuine and lasting social change, the gap between the will and the capacity is far too wide.

The Kimpa Vita Institute was established to bridge this gap. Every year from 2013, a group of a dozen young Congolese leaders from the Diaspora will be invited to take part in an intense 4 days training program on leadership, organization, mobilization and all other means of strengthening the organizational capacity of Congolese youth. The chosen setting and a mentorship system will enable the candidates to receive all the needed support and follow up. This program will occur every year until a critical mass is achieved whereby social justice change in the Congo becomes inevitable.


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